Laser floater removal is a 10-minute painless procedure that requires dilation and has few post-laser restrictions.

When you arrive at the retina clinic for laser floater removal, you will have your vision and eye pressure checked by an ophthalmic technician. The eye with chronic floaters will be dilated, and you will be seated in an exam room for a pre-laser exam by the retina specialist. Afterward, you will be seated in the laser room and given additional numbing and pressure drops. A contact lens is placed on your eye with a clear ‘goo’ filling the space between your eye and the lens.

The laser is then performed as you focus on a target light to keep the eye still. There is no pain during the procedure. Afterward, the eye is wiped clean with a tissue as you recover from the brightness of the light. The eye pressure is checked again and a one-week post-op visit is scheduled.

It takes an hour or two to un-dilate, eliminate the lubricant from your eye, and clear the vision. Some patients feel scratchy on the evening of their laser day, due to the contact between the laser lens and the surface of the eye. Artificial tears are usually enough to relieve the discomfort.