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Monday – Sunday: Open 24 Hours

Parking: Available in the parking lot in front of the office.

About Our Venice Florida Ophthalmology Clinic

Our Venice ophthalmology clinic, Venice Retina, offers full time ophthalmology services to an area of Florida with few ophthalmologists. Located in the heart of Venice, this clinic serves as a pivotal resource for eye health, extending its services to surrounding areas including North Port, Englewood, Nokomis, and beyond.

Our Venice office is adept at delivering an extensive array of diagnostic assessments, precise laser procedures, and specialized surgical options, all customized to the distinct needs of our patients. With a foundation built on excellence and empathy, our professional team is committed to fostering an environment that is not only welcoming but also rich in education and support for everyone who seeks our expertise.

Whether addressing concerns such as eye flashes & floaters or navigating through complex retinal diseases, patients can rely on the proficiency and heartfelt dedication of Shane Retina. At our Venice office, we extend our leading-edge ophthalmologic treatments and vitreoretinal surgery capabilities, ensuring each patient receives the highest standard of care tailored to their unique condition.

Neighborhoods Near Our Venice FL office:

  • Venice
  • North Port
  • Englewood
  • Nokomis
  • Plantation
  • Grove city
  • Port Charlotte
  • Laurel
  • Boca Grande
  • Punta Gorda
  • Placida

About Shane Retina

At Shane Retina we dedicate ourselves to preserving and enhancing your vision with unparalleled retinal care. As one of the leading eye care centers along Florida’s Gulf Coast, we specialize in vitreoretinal surgery and ophthalmologic treatments for many eye conditions. Our mission is to offer hope and restore sight for individuals facing retinal diseases. From macular degeneration treatments to expert management of diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachments, our team of esteemed retina specialists employs the latest advancements in technology and research to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Our Venice ophthalmology clinic is equipped to provide comprehensive diagnostic tests, laser treatments, and surgical solutions tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Driven by a commitment to excellence and compassion, our staff strives to create a welcoming, informative, and supportive environment for every individual who walks through our doors. Whether you’re seeking consultation for eye flashes & floaters or require advanced care for retinal conditions, you can trust the expertise and dedication of Shane Retina.

Reviews From Our Venice Ophthalmology Clinic

Laureen Melhus
Laureen Melhus
Venice Retina is the place to go with any eye problems. The staff is friendly and very informative. Dr. Shane did a comprehensive checkup for my issues and she is very professional and explained things in detail. I did not feel rushed at all. I already recommended someone to this practice.
Being that I was on vacation in Florida from the northeast, I called Venice Retina, because I had a problem with my eye. They got me an appointment, as soon as, I called them. The professionalism shown by Dr. Anita Shane and staff would have me use them as my doctor, if I lived in Florida. I highly recommend Venice Retina.
Susan Helas
Susan Helas
I enjoyed becoming a new patient . Checking in and paperwork was easy and no stress. All the ladies on Dr. Shane’s team were professional, yet friendly and welcoming. Dr. Shane is so nice and took the time to explain my exam and answered any questions I had with patience and clarity. I will recommend Venice Retina and Dr.Shane to anyone who may need her services .
John Zimmermann
John Zimmermann
Very efficient staff, including receptionist, technician and doctor. I was referred to another doctor after Venice Retina diagnosed cataracts in both eyes - they set up that appointment for me in minutes while I was in their office.
I'll highly recommend Dr. Shane! I am new to the area and initially liked Dr. Shane's experience at Rice University in bi-engineering in Houston, at Baylor Medical, and even more so her experience at Bascom Palmer Eye Institue in Miami. Her explanation of my eye conditions was very clear and undestandable. And she stayed to answer my several other questions, very helpful. Her staff was outstanding. Technical staff Emma and Hanna were both courteous and efficient in getting my preliminary tests done. And the front desk staff were courteous and helpful. In general a great experience for me and my eyes! Thanks Venice Retina!
Cathy Paolillo
Cathy Paolillo
Due to a recent medical condition and relocatiing here from Boston I needed to connect with an opthamologist. My husband found Dr. Shane online. My experience was outstanding, from the entry staff to the technicians to the doctor herself. They took time and care and the doctor explained everything in detail. She has a wonderful caring way in how she addresses patients and puts them at ease.They have the latest technology and I cannot say enough about my experience, coming from Boston where we have expert medical services this tops my past experiences!! I highly recommend Venice Retina and will continue to have my care at this location.
Robin K.
Robin K.
As a new patient, I was impressed with the professionalism of Dr. Shane and of her entire office staff. Her staff were friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Shane seems to be an intelligent and competent ophthalmologist. She has an easy going and thoughtful communication style. The medical office was pristine and I would highly recommend her practice to anyone seeking an ophthalmologist in the Venice, FL area.
Sue Marshman
Sue Marshman
Venice retina is a wonderful very efficient office which in itself would be great.Dr. Shane is absolutely one of the best doctors I have had the opportunity to visit.she takes the time to listen to her patients and is very knowledgeable. I would always go to her first.
Joan McMahon
Joan McMahon
Venice Retina took such good care of my mother that I didn't hesitate to call them for my own needsDr. Anita Share is both professional and caring, taking the time to explain and answer my questions.I was quickly greeted by friendly, professional staff and was seen on time!The office is easy to assess in the Merrill Lynch building on the first floor.
Dan Cargill
Dan Cargill
The staff at Venice Retina was very kind and helpful. Dr Shane was great and took the time to explain everything that was done and what to expect in the future. Thanks to Dr Shane and all of the staff.
Brenda Unger
Brenda Unger
Dr. Shane and her staff are wonderful. I was able to get an appointment on the day I called and she performed a laser procedure while I was there to prevent further damage to my retina. She explained the issue in clear detail and took the time to answer all my questions. She even returned a phone call later that night to answer another question. The office is welcoming and comfortable with all the latest equipment and a very friendly staff. I would highly recommend calling Venice Retina if you have a retina issue or concern.
Karen Parker
Karen Parker
Dr Shane is everything you'd expect in a health care provider. She and her entire staff are very compassionate, knowledgeable, and thorough. I'm confident that I got the best doctor to treat my condition. How lucky we are to have someone with her credentials here in Venice!

Services at our Venice Ophthalmology Clinic

At our ophthalmology clinic in Venice, we offer a comprehensive suite of retinal services and procedures, each designed to meet the diverse needs of our patients with precision and care.

Conditions We Treat in Venice

Macular Degeneration is a progressive condition targeting the macula, a crucial area of the retina vital for detailed, central vision. This disease manifests mainly in two varieties: Dry and Wet, both gradually impairing vision. Management strategies encompass dietary modifications, vitamin supplementation, and innovative treatments such as anti-VEGF injections aimed at decelerating the disease’s advancement and safeguarding eyesight.

Diabetic Retinopathy, a serious eye condition stemming from diabetes, occurs due to the damage inflicted on the retina’s blood vessels, the sensitive layer at the back of the eye. Without timely intervention, it may progress to blindness. The cornerstone of managing this ailment lies in meticulous regulation of blood sugar, blood pressure, and lipids, complemented by targeted therapies like laser procedures, corticosteroid or anti-VEGF injections, and vitrectomy surgery to prevent vision loss and manage symptoms.

Learn more about diabetic retinopathy

Floaters, appearing as small specks or “cobwebs” in one’s vision, and flashes, perceived as sudden light bursts or streaks absent in reality, are usually harmless. However, they can signal severe retinal issues, such as detachment, warranting immediate examination to exclude retinal tears or detachment risks.

Learn more about floaters and flashes

Retinal Detachment represents a grave scenario in which the retina separates from its standard location, potentially resulting in irreversible vision loss if not addressed quickly. The management of this condition may include methods such as laser surgery, cryopexy (a freezing technique), or scleral buckling operations aimed at resecuring the retina to its correct position.

Learn more about retinal detachment

Lens Dislocation, a condition arising when an intraocular lens implant, positioned during cataract surgery, shifts from its intended placement, may cause visual disturbances. Treatments to rectify this issue range from repositioning the dislodged lens, replacing it with a new one, or implementing other corrective actions to restore optimal vision.

Learn more about dislocated Intraocular lens

Macular Edema involves the macula’s swelling or enlargement from fluid retention, resulting in vision distortion. Commonly linked with diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion (RVO), and various retinal disorders, its management might encompass anti-VEGF injections, corticosteroid treatments, and laser interventions to alleviate symptoms and stabilize vision.

Learn more about macular edema

Macular Holes, small ruptures in the macula, lead to blurred and distorted vision centrally. They might arise either spontaneously or from trauma. The predominant treatment, usually a vitrectomy surgery, aims to enhance visual acuity by addressing these breaks.

Learn more about macular holes

Macular Pucker, also known as an Epiretinal Membrane (ERM), is characterized by the formation of a thin, translucent film over the macula. This condition results in vision distortion and blurriness. Treatment often necessitates a vitrectomy to carefully excise the membrane, aiming to restore and improve the clarity of vision.

Learn more about macular pucker

Retinal Vein Occlusion occurs when the veins responsible for draining blood from the retina become obstructed, risking vision impairment. Management strategies target the root cause and might encompass laser treatment, anti-VEGF medication injections, or corticosteroids to alleviate swelling and enhance visual acuity.

Learn more about retinal vein occlusion

Retinal Artery Occlusion (RAO) involves an obstruction within the arteries feeding the retina, resulting in immediate and painless loss of vision. Urgent medical assessment is vital, as timely treatment significantly boosts effectiveness. The therapeutic approach is geared towards enhancing blood circulation to the impacted region and addressing any underlying health issues.

Learn more about Retinal Artery Occlusion

Surgical Treatments

Intravitreal injections, a procedure where medication is directly administered into the vitreous near the retina, serves as a key treatment for numerous retinal diseases. This method is especially pivotal for conditions like age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and retinal vein occlusion, providing targeted medication delivery to the compromised area.

Lensectomy, a surgical operation, entails removing the eye’s damaged, dislocated, or cataract-affected natural lens. Frequently, this procedure is paired with the placement of an intraocular lens (IOL) to reinstate vision, ensuring patients regain clarity and quality of sight.

Learn more about lensectomy

This procedure entails the extraction of the vitreous humor, a clear gel-like substance inside the eye, enabling enhanced access to the retina. It’s pivotal in addressing and repairing conditions such as retinal detachments, eliminating scar tissues, and managing various other retinal issues. The operation plays a crucial role in the restoration and maintenance of sight for individuals affected by intricate retinal disorders.

Learn more about vitrectomy surgery

This surgical method is employed to mend detached retinas by encircling the eye with a flexible silicone band. This band exerts a slight pressure on the sclera (the eye’s white outer layer), moving it closer to the detached retina, which aids in reattaching the retina to its supportive tissue underneath.

Learn more about scleral buckle

This non-invasive technique is utilized to address specific forms of retinal detachment. It involves the introduction of a gas bubble into the vitreous space within the eye. The bubble exerts pressure on the retina, aiding in the reattachment process by sealing any breaks and repositioning the retina correctly.

Scleral Fixation of Intraocular Lens Implants: A method for anchoring an intraocular lens (IOL) directly to the sclera, or white portion of the eye, when standard implantation techniques are unsuitable. This approach is often necessary in scenarios where the natural supporting structures for the lens are compromised or absent, such as after complex cataract operations or in cases of lens displacement. By creating precise surgical tunnels or utilizing sutures for fixation, this technique ensures the stability and correct positioning of the IOL to restore clear vision.

Learn more about scleral fixation of intraocular lens implant

Advanced Therapies and Diagnostic Services

Syfovre Treatment for Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration: An innovative strategy for addressing the dry variant of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), offering a hopeful solution for slowing the disease’s advancement. Syfovre introduces a groundbreaking category of treatments dedicated to safeguarding the vision of individuals facing this previously untreatable disorder, marking a significant advancement in the management of AMD.

Learn more about Syfovre for dry AMD

A groundbreaking solution for wet age-related macular degeneration, this device offers an alternative to the traditional regimen of frequent intravitreal injections. By providing a continuous release of medication directly into the eye, the Susvimo implant significantly reduces the number of clinic visits required for patients, streamlining the management of this chronic condition and enhancing patient convenience and treatment efficacy.

Learn more about Susvimo

A precise therapy employing concentrated light beams to address various retinal disorders such as diabetic retinopathy, tears in the retina, and blockages in retinal veins. This method utilizes laser energy to effectively seal tears in the retina, minimize the growth of aberrant blood vessels, and avert additional loss of vision.

Learn more about our retinal laser

This diagnostic method utilizes a special dye to highlight the retina’s blood vessels, providing detailed visuals of retinal blood flow. It’s instrumental in diagnosing and formulating treatment strategies for various retinal conditions by capturing real-time images of the dye as it moves through the retina’s vasculature.

Learn more about retinal fluorescein angiography

Photos From our Venice Ophthalmology Clinic

ophthalmology clinic in venice fl
ophthalmology clinic in venice fl
ophthalmology clinic in venice fl
ophthalmology clinic in venice fl
ophthalmology clinic in venice fl
ophthalmology clinic in venice fl

Anita Shane M.D. – Ophthalmologist with Specialty in Retina

Dr. Anita Shane of Shane Retina in Venice FloridaAnita Shane, M.D. is the founder of our Venice Ophthalmology Clinic. She is celebrated for her compassionate approach and exceptional skills in treating retinal issues. Dr. Shane exemplifies Shane Retina’s excellence in ophthalmology, delivering specialized care for conditions like macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy with a personal touch. With her roots in Florida and comprehensive training at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, she brings a blend of local understanding and world-class expertise to our team. Dr. Shane’s dedication to patient well-being and her adept use of the latest treatments make her a trusted ally in your eye health journey.

Learn More About Dr. Shane

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