Congratulations, you are taking the first step towards protecting a lifetime of sharp vision thanks to your regular appointment with an ophthalmologist. Your visit with the eye doctor begins at check-in, where our friendly staff will collect your contact and medical information in a 5-minute process. Insurance copays are collected at this time.

Following check-in, you will be escorted to a private room by a skilled ophthalmic technician. This person will be focused on your eye problem and gather important information such as your eye history, visual acuity, and eye pressure. The technician will apply numbing and dilating drops to complete this 15-minute work-up process.

After work-up, you are taken to receive specialized imaging of the eye, which is critical in diagnosing subtle changes that may indicate vision-threatening retinal disease. These eye photographs typically take 10 minutes.

Following retinal imaging, you are escorted to the examination room, where you will be met by the ophthalmologist. The eye doctor will use specialized equipment to examine your eye and review the retinal images. During this 10-20 minute interaction, your questions and concerns will be addressed completely, and treatment recommendations will be made.

A stop at check out and follow-up appointment scheduling complete the visit. Dilation should wear off within 3-4 hours. We hope you enjoyed your visit with the ophthalmologist and a lifetime of healthy eyes and vision!